Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022

Our Mission

Tony and I have watched over the years journalism turn into something that we can hardly recognize. When we studied journalism ( way back in the 1980’s) the inverted pyramid of the who what where and why …was gospel. You were taught to have at least 2 credible sources sometimes 3 before you could publish a story. Journalism was considered the unofficial watch dog of the government….. unbiased only the truth matter not party lines.

There was something called the Fairness Doctrine back then — equal time for both sides of an issue in the media. It was not permitted for a single person or corporation to own or operate more than one form of media —for example owning the NY Post and Fox News was not permitted back in the day. Everything has changed today the 24 hour news media is saturated with with so called anchors who spew opinions that masquerade as facts.

These reasons and our love for media and truth are why Tony and I decided to start The Progressive Union. We are an alternative to the main stream corporate media. We are fact driven journalists whose goal is to enlighten, inform and also entertain you each week.