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The Donald Chump Report

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June 9, 2016


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The Donald Chump Report

The  tale of two speeches……

Donald was a naughty boy. Mr. Trump was called out by the Republican party for his continual racist remarks about Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel who is presiding over the Trump University fraud case. In order to calm the nerves of the party he gave a  scripted speech  with a teleprompter (ironically Trump always criticizes Obama for using) This was to be his   way out of the disaster he caused over the past days by apologizing for the remarks against the Judge Curiel. Perhaps make him seem more presidential and less like a cross between Dennis the Menace and Archie Bunker .

No such luck.  It was boring, dull and no apology … ……and then …..

He said what? Did Donald Trump really say pee pee on national television last night? PPP………not TPP as in Trans Pacific Partnership….but pee pee…. this guy has a thing about his privates , first his hands and his genital ….. what’s next will he be  flashing us?

Donald hasn’t been having the best of times since he became the GOP presumptive nominee.

Some of his missteps:

  •  Refusal to release his income taxes,
  • Confusion over which super pac his donors should give money to,
  • Audio of Trump using a pseudonym to act as his own publicist ,
  • Failing to donate money to veterans groups as promised until pressed by the media
  • Racist remarks towards Judge Curiel.

The ship is sinking fast… and the Republican establishment is in all out freak out mode …having closed door meetings on capital hill.

In the meantime also on Tuesday night in Brooklyn , New York another speech was  to take place….

The big Hillary night of nights…. first time a woman is going to the be a major political parties nominee for president. It is a big deal . Brooklyn Navy Yard was packed to the rafters  with extremely enthusiastic supporters , well crafted short film intro and  then the speech by the nominee. Hillary is in control. Over the past few weeks she has been on an upward trajectory. Her speech last week laced with one liners aimed at the Donald and it energized her supporters. A highlight from Tuesday night was when she mentioned her mother. Another  was when she said “Donald Trump is temperamentally  unfit to be president.”

On to the General Election folks, giddy up!!

Team Hillary has ground games in all 50 states, 30 million in the bank, well seasoned experienced campaign staffers, a former president and sitting  president as her advisers , millions of volunteers, she is well educated and well versed on the issues.

Trump has a small circle of staffers most very new to  politics ….  his biggest adviser is HIMSELF.  He consults himself …he says he has a very good brain. Yup. The Donald  is such a micro manager he insists being on a conference call with surrogates and reverses orders emailed to them about not talking about Judge Curiel. He tells them to throw out that memo…who sent that?? He tells them ” I am going to be on these calls from now on”. No wonder the Trump campaign can not seem to expand its staff for the general election….people are afraid it will hurt their careers. Trump has 2 million on hand , little ground game or organization at all. He says he does not need it since he gets so much FREE press. Yes shame on you corporate media…you created this Frankenstein’s monster!

If you are a Bernie Sanders supporter you are feeling a bit blue now. That is understandable. Everyone needs to give Senator Sanders some space and also his supporters. Sanders took the baton from the Occupy Wall Street movement with their message of income inequality , reining in the banks and justice of all. That hunger for progressive change is alive and well all over this country. We need to keep it alive and push the Democratic party , as I think Bernie will  have enormous influence on their direction going forward, to be truly more progressive and liberal. That is where the country is. Even the misguided under educated  Trump voters ( he leads with people with only a high school diploma) want the same things….. they just don’t know how to articulate it rationally.

You might say Hillary has her problems too. You might say she is not as progressive as you would like. Too corporate , too hawkish, too much so called baggage.  But she knows the issues, she has a grasp on reality.You know in your guts that Donald Trump is nuts. Come on ….do you really want this guy to have the nuclear codes. Really? 


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