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Save the Post Office !

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February 20, 2012


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Save the Post Office !

In 2006 , The Bush White House and Congress went after the Post Office with the ” Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act” It requires the Post office to PRE-PAY the health care benefits for the NEXT 75 YEARS!

This law requires USPS to totally fund SEVEN DECADES WORTH OF BENEFITS BY 2016!!!

No other government or privately owned company is required to adhere to such a requirement.

The Post Office is the #2 employer in the United States , employing 100,000 people with good union jobs.

They are fully funded by the sale of stamps and related items. The USPS is the Most affordable way for Americans to mail items and it an American treasure!

GO to the link below and sign our petition to SAVE the Post Office ….

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