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Did Anonymous Save Democracy on Election Night?

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November 24, 2012


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Did Anonymous Save Democracy on Election Night?

Days before  the Presidential Election, Anonymous, the infamous hackers , posted a clip  on You Tube. In it Anonymous stated that they knew that Karl Rove was attempting to circumvent the election results. The hackers  warned they would be watching  for any “funny business”on election  night.

On election night we all saw  Rove’s meltdown on Fox News  . At first it was very amusing to see the GOP guru loosing his cool.  He had been overly confident that Romney would win Ohio all night. He felt that after 11:00 pm the tide in Ohio would turn to Romney. At 11:15 pm there was an issue with the servers in Ohio and the election tabulation had to be re-routed in Tennessee.

This is a very  important development.  We’ll back track to 2004 when there  was a very similar scenario in Ohio with a very different outcome. Then the clock struck 11:14pm, and the servers counting the votes in Ohio crashed. Election officials had planned for this sort of thing to happen and already contracted with a company in Chattanooga, Tennessee called SMARTech to be the fallback if the servers in Ohio went  down. SMARTech’s had many layers of ties to the Republican National Committee and also did work for Jeb Bush.

Sixty seconds later the servers came back up in Ohio, but now with vote rerouted through SMARTech in Chattanooga.  Low and behold George W Bush re-election was looking better than ever. The vote totals that poured into the system from SmartTECH’s computer in Tennessee  were in contradiction of  the exit polls taken in Ohio. John Kerry’s lead in the exit polls had  reversed by more than 6% which is unprecedented .  Bush  got Ohio’s precious electoral college votes  and thus his second term.

But in 2012 things didn’t go as planned…11:15pm the servers did crash in Ohio and the tabulation was re-routed and then when the results came back up….Obama was declared the winner  of Ohio.

Rove immediately denounced and called into question these results  reported  FOX . Rove ordered  Meghan Kelly to walk to the “decision desk”  to confirm the folks at the  controls got it right. But there were no votes left to count for Romney. You see the ONLY counties that had not come in at that point were Democratic strong holds. So there were no votes left out there for Mr. Romney. Fox’s own geeks said Game Over  which made Mr. Rove was a very unhappy camper.

As in all their their You Tube clips Anonymous signs off with the same tag line……..we will not forgive we will  not forget…expect us”. It looks like on election night Anonymous kept their word .

Did Anonymous shutdown Rove’s scheme on election night? The hacker group claims to have discovered the plan to flip the results by Rove & Company in Ohio.  They watched  his little rats test their plan over and over for days. Then when the time came Anonymous put up a firewall to  shut all the portholes so the “rats” could not enter. Rove’s minions  tried over 150 times to find the password without success.

Now let’s look at the run-up to November 6th….

Before the first debate the polls were moving in an undeniable trend in President Obama’s direction.The Republicans including Mr. Rove  claimed those polls favoring Mr. Obama were “skewed ” towards him. There was even a web site created called “ ” to expose the inaccuracy of the polling .  After that first debate , which was a weak performance by the President, the  polls began a trajectory towards Romney. Even after the next 3 debates that were undeniably won by the Obama/Biden ticket the polls did  not break significantly for Obama. Even in  the aftermath of hurricane Sandy the polling did not universally favor the President.

There were also the landslide predictions of  Romney as the winner by people like Dick Morris for example on FOX. The right wing blathered on how Romney was up or ahead in the polls. If you only listened to right wing radio or FOX you would have thought Romney was already moving into the White House.

But there was one exception…….one guy who got it exactly right in 2008. Nate Silver at 538 Blog…… his numbers moved steadily for one year towards an  undeniable victory for  President Obama. The day of the election  he had Obama with a more than 90% chance of winning.

It is odd that Mitt Romney had no concession speech ready that night BUT did have his transition WEBSITE ready….in fact it went LIVE for a few minutes just after he lost.

It was reported that Romney and Ryan were shocked they did not win.   Romney joined Mr. Rove in disbelief in the Ohio outcome ….which resulted in a lengthy wait for the concession all the while thousands of people were in the streets celebrating Obama’s victory.

Was there an effort to create the false impression that Romney was going to win so when the Republican’s electronically flipped the vote in 3 states nobody would contest it?

Anonymous published a letter claiming to have the proof that Rove’s people attempted to steal the election—the information tucked neatly away to be given to one Julian Assange ( unnamed in the letter but alluded to). They warn if  Rove tries it again the world will know the truth. The truth ……who would report that truth? What is truly  outrageous is that our mainstream  media ignored the Ohio story in 2004 and is now not reporting on the  Ohio story in 2012. But we the people don’t forget.





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