Friday, Sep. 19, 2014

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Missing the Boat on The Over Pass
May 30, 2014 - Comments Off

A  handful of people  who belong to the group” Over Passes for America”  were holding signs in  protest of [...]

Extortion Tea Party Style

Extortion Tea Party Style

September 28, 2013
Saving The Planet In Style

Saving The Planet In Style

September 25, 2013

2012 Election

Did Anonymous Save Democracy on Election Night?
November 24, 2012 - Comments Off

Days before  the Presidential Election, Anonymous, the infamous hackers , posted a clip  on You Tube. In it Anonymous [...]


The Sports Boongoggle: An Asterisk                By Tony DiLeonardo
June 19, 2012 - Comments Off

America was once the land of the multi-purpose stadiums and arenas.  That meant they pulled double duty.  Football and baseball teams shared the same turf whether they were summer diamonds or fall [...]


It’s Cracked…The Mental Health Care System
March 25, 2013 - Comments Off

Greg is obsessed with kitchen cabinets. He is waiting for the kitchen to be remodeled so he can change the drab oak cabinets in to a rich cherry wood. Everyday it’s [...]

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